Terms & Policies

Terms & Policies

A USER: (real-legal) as a consumer or a member provider is a Nood member.

Information and message: is told to every information which is in the site or added to the site by users.

Audience: can be a user or robots (spider) or visitor,Nood is the service provider to the registered distinguished internet address.

Rules: Nood presents the services according to the electronic trade of Islamic Republic of Iran rules in which the person’s civil rights are considered.According to the electronic trade rules, registering in the site means accepting the Nood rules by the user.

Every person (real or legal) can register in Nood as a basic user and has the right to have his/her own civil right and can have the mentioned services in electronic trade rules.

A user can stop receiving services any time the user likes to, according to the kind of the services and possibilities.

The information that the user has broadcasted publicly in pages and social webs is the user’s responsibility to remove and so on. If the user has a business page in Nood, the information remains in Nood up to the end of contraction .
The information that the user has broadcasted publicly in pages and social webs is the user’s responsibility to remove and so on. If the user has a business page in Nood, the information remains in Nood up to the end of contraction .
The user can edit the given informations, but any new information is completely the responsibility of the user. The users are responsible for protecting and keeping their own password or information and they must not broadcast their password and identity publicly or put in hand of any other person. It is against the Nood rules to put forth the informations which are registered in Nood or put in the user’s account information or identity in other’s hand or in social webs.
Nood is bound to present services to users so that they can manage providing income in their businesses and make it easier for them to access the information of their businesses like address and so on.
Nood considers to be able to report the business management of countaining business and shared containing everyday to the users. Nood peresents services with goal of improving the income of big and small economic institutions. And every illegal using and providing not improving of Iran’s economy or causing any damage or law violation is the responsibility of the wrongdoer user.

Nood is a way to access the business and introduce businesses through internet and social webs. So that user can use Nood freely . Nood is a service site which by the given informations is merely for informing the messages of users and to share of those who can use the Nood , the origin of honesty and keeping the personality of users in case of not to put the personal information in other’s hands without the permissions of the users.

Beside the user that register and makes a page for business, Nood has the permission to broadcast the information such as phone number, address, geographical location in Google map (length_width) and other cases in the panel beside the user, and the user as the representative of the business which the responsibility of integrity and legal/permissions of broadcasting of the business is the responsibilities of the mentioned user.

Nood makes pages for users and businesses which are free and non-free on the base of services and user can choose one of these two kinds of services considering the whole costs of these services,on the other hand the user is to obey the rules of Nood and the mentioned cases in the “Aimes”

Nood is bound to present the services and providing the mentioned cases and the services at the time of registration and complete the registration form, in case that the user has satisfaction and convinced reasons in having problems for receiving the services, if the user has used the non-free services which the user has paid to Nood, after registration reclamation is unavailable.

User’s membership duration and receiving free or non-free services are based on the premier conditions which are mentioned and calculated at the time of registration , and after finishing the membership period or presenting of the services, Nood is allowed to change the premier conditions of membership services, financial and engineering in the new content prolongation. Nood is allowed to close the access of the users without permission who cause disorder in their own or other’s site services or apps, or softwares, or any electronic or on lines, to prevent damages to others, In case of using Nood services out of law and causing damages or loss for others, the user is to compensate the loss.

The reason why the users permit Nood is so that they receive the informations and other cases that they have give to Nood.

The user’s permit Nood to store their informations such as first name, family name, age, sex and other personal informations according to the amendment No. 59 of cybernetic crimes.

The user’s permit Nood to store, for more security of the users and presenting better services, IP, Location and other necessary cases of the users, so that in any emergence problem, Nood can present better services and qualities, use these information and according to their location, send or represent them necessary informations.

The user’s permit Nood to store the whole of their activities at the time of using the services or Apps of Nood activity or inactivity, and analysis and refining them to present better services. On the other hand Nood is liable to store and refine these information secretly and merely to present better services.

With attention to the presentation of Nood services as a server, the responsibility of using these services and broadcasting the information through Nood in social webs or internet is the users’ and they are the legal amenable to their actions. In case of any legal offending of electronic trade rules or breach of people peace or breach of international and Islamic Republic of Iran rules, the responsibilities are the users.

Completing the informations through filling the forms like profiles or personal pages or business pages and honesty of the informations given to Nood are the responsibility of the user and are considered as the owner’s informations during their activities. In case of presenting false informations to Nood or broadcasting them through Nood by the users in this services or internet on the social websitesThe responsibility is the users. Any forgery of real or legal persons based on the informations given to Nood or other real or persons and inserting the informations in Nood is the legal responsibility of the users.

Any moral or financial damage which are done by presenting false information through Nood are the responsibility of the users. Broadcasting any obscene pictures or others personal breach or people’s private pictures are the responsibilities of the users. The whole costs or damages or the cases against the international laws or cybernet crimes are the responsibilities of the users.

The informations given to Nood by users are stored during the Nood activity and based upon the kind of the services which are given to the users,possibly these informations which are broadcasted publicly, will be inactive and secret in Nood

Nood has the moral obligation to act through the legal forces against the users who branch the rules which they have accepted as the rules of membership inNood at the time of registration, so they are due to pay the penalty of the damages they have caused.

According to the rules of Islamic Republic of Iran using all social webs for introducing and informing, without breaching people’s people’s privacy or broadcasting false informations, or insulting or aspersion against any one, is allowed. So users in Iran like those who are abroad can broadcast their subjects and business, through Nood with attention to the provisions and cybernetic crimes, to have income fortunes from their businesses, whereas there is any illegal action or law breaching, the users are the responsibilities.

If the users are obliged to change their IP so that they can access the social webs outside the country, since Nood is an international site and the residence users in Iran may need to change their IP to access the informations, the whole technical and communicational changes are the user’s responsibilities.

The users are to use the informations in Nood to turnover their personal economy or business, as a real or legal person. On the other hand they are not to sell or change other user’s informations to anyone else. If they do so without written permission beside the owner of the business, they have to pay the penalty according to the cybernetic crimes and defacement of the informations or illegal selling of the informations all are their responsibilities.

Broadcasting a business or service to a person, the information about the business and the users must be put in Nood clearly and carefully, and the identity of the business must be mentioned. If there is any problem, it is the responsibility of the user who has broadcasted the informations through Nood, and the user is obliged to answer to the respective organization.

The user has to obey the rules of other’s fee, publisher’s fee, commissions and distribution fees. In case of rejecting the mentioned and related rules. If there is any complement, the user is responsible and has to face the penalties and answer the related organizations on the base of law.

The users are liable not to damage or influence any services, organization, real or legal persons. If they regret the mentioned cases, they have to face the related forces.

The users in any level have to keep their own and other user’s and Nood secret of services, not observance keeping the secret must breach of trust of the user.so Nood or any other person can proclaim through the legal channels. Any imitation by the users, according to the publication rules and other’s protection law, is known as a crime.

Causing any fraud or distraction is the responsibility of the user and Nood has no responsibility about others deed or their information broadcasting.

Using Nood in any cases against the rules of Islamic Republic of Iran or against the law, Nood has the right to complain and ask for identity against the wrongdoer, if there is any confusion or complain against Nood or causes danger to the dignity of Nood