About Nood

What's Nood?

Nood is a service of management and search of business , services and experts .

Nood service presents the location and other side information such as payment methods , time table and present situation of the trade, trade services and business to the user.

Nood has brought the possibility for the users so that they can find the business that they are looking for easily, they can use traditional ways such as phone and address and also online services. And they can find out about the services or expert knowledge of the business.

One of the nood services is making relation between the businesses and users by followers.this attribute which is offered to the users helps them to find out the last information about the business by nood. The users who are interested in a special business, will find out about that business faster than others without referring to the page this ability causes reduction of many expenses for the business owners and also causes brief without expanses. By not using the traditional ways, it causes the reduction of pollution and so protects the environment. On the other hand the followers of the business will find out about it much faster comparing with the traditional system.

Nood has collected many various ways to find a business by potential customers which are mentioned briefly underline:

searching the name of service, expert knowledge trade and so on.

searching the name of the goods or keyword or any other phrase in user’s mind, leads the user to the related job.
multiple language of nood service is to take the attention of iranian and foreigners to find out the business that they are looking for
special code for each business which is known as (QR code) in business card and customer’s book of nood causes the attraction of the new customer’s book of nood causes the attraction of new customers of the business.
Nood has in mind to present the offline and online services to reduce the present distance between the business and customers so that the business don’t limit to geographical condition in this way anyone who needs the service the service or goods of the trade will have the information and the services.The possibilities that nood presents to the businesses doesn't need much cost for goods and with the help of nood the speed of services increases.
Nood has special respect for personal rights of users. On the other hand it has collected the situations so that the users insert their comments freely and justly about each business in nood. nood asks respectfully its users to self control spreading false information and comments strictly and with attention to this fact that all activities and services of nood are legal and based on the electronic trade rules, so insert of address, contacting number and cell phones by users are accepted as true informations. Whereas they aren't insert correctly or completely , the responsibility is upon the user, the user must act justly according to the electronic trade rules in nood and is responsible of all his/her comments and behaviors.

Nood has the goal to access the business system by users to increase system by users to increase the quality of business so the users must insert comments and rates according to the conditions and electronic trade rules with the goal of business improvement and self_control of insulting or aspersion or meaningful demolition. In case of observing any meaningful demolition, insulting or aspersion, the ability of pursuit by business or nood through law is reserved. The users are asked to insert their comments respectfully with the aim of improving business and social culture.